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by Autire

Better Audit. Lower Cost.

Powerful Technology to revolutionize your 401(k) audit experience.

401(k) plan audits are required, but that doesn’t mean they have to be intrusive, time-consuming, or expensive. PriceKubecka has a better way.

We’ve invested significantly in utilizing proprietary software that provides clients with the most efficient and streamlined audit services available.

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The Better Way to Audit 401(k) Plans

→ Remote automation technology streamlines the entire audit process, enabling us to handle 90% of a 401(k) audit without your direct involvement.

→ Clients typically spend less than 5 hours supporting a PriceKubecka 401(k) audit.

→ Our remote process eliminates onsite visits that distract you from daily business. No need to manually collect or review data.

→ PriceKubecka can offer seamless remote audits year-round. We’re unaffected by the typical constraints of tax season.

→ With Autire doing the heavy lifting, your 401(k) audit moves swiftly and can finish well ahead of schedule.

→ Our software performs repetitive tasks efficiently so you don’t have to train new auditors each year.

→ A PriceKubecka 401(k) audit is high-quality and error-free, yet faster, easier, and less expensive than any traditional audit you’ve experienced.

Client Data

→ Data is directly fed from payroll providers and recordkeepers into the system, eliminating the complexity of data gathering.

→ PriceKubecka’s CPAs have ready and remote access to the data. Clients only need to provide minimal support.


→ Manual calculations or data requests are eliminated, cutting weeks off your 401(k) audit time.

→ By automating mundane auditing tasks, our certified CPAs can focus on delivering high-quality, error-free audits that meet all federal requirements.

401(k) Audit

→ Our CPAs deliver unmatched compliance documentation and financial savings while cutting the audit time and cost in half.

→ Clients can file Form 5500 along with the audit in a timely and efficient manner every year.

Beat the 401(k) Audit Rush

Because our 401(k) audits are automated and virtual, we can start working on yours any time throughout the year. With PriceKubecka, you’ll be confident in submitting your 401(k) audit and Form 5500 well before the July 31 federal deadline.


Audits per Year

PriceKubecka can process 401(k) audits error-free and with little inconvenience to your office staff.



Our technology is automated so there are no days off, no vacation. It’s working around the clock to make sure your 401(k) audit is ready when you are.



PriceKubecka’s remote process allows us to perform 401(k) audits nationwide. We have clients across the country.

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